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Fresh Projects

  • Dina Layzis 'SOLO POR T'
  • Operation Smokescreen Trailer
  • Natasha 'Only You' Music Video
  • PENN STATE Football Ticket Promo
  • The Wedge Recovery Centers
  • Fan Finger Build Up Final
  • Spring Mtn.
  • Comcast Spotlight: Papa John's 'Edge'

The C-Suite

John Swarr

John Swarr

Producer / Director / Executive Producer

While living in Las Vegas in 1990, John worked as segment producer for the Fox TV show "Flash Forward" and later moved back to his native east coast. John was then brought in to direct five seasons of the Philadelphia 76ers "Jam" show. During those years [in between working on the show] he began to Produce/Direct national commercials and shows for HBO, ESPN, K-2 skates, The Philadelphia 76ers, Trek Bikes and more. After living in Bermuda to Las Vegas and traveling worldwide with his BMX bicycle act in his early years, John gained a great understanding of many cultures and lifestyles, thus reflecting in his work. "When transitioning from the sport of BMX to Filmmaking, you carry that passion with you. Passion for what you do, becomes a lifestyle" John has received accolades from Emmy to Telly, which opened many doors in the action sports world along with mainstream television, such as "The Dave Mirra BMX SuperTour" on ESPN, "The Grinders" on The Tennis Channel. "Joe Kid on a Stingray-The History of BMX" airing on Fuel TV, "Stompin Stu-The Story of BMX legend Stu Thomsen", and much more.

Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton

Producer / Director / Executive Producer

In May of 1988, Mark Eaton produced the first independent BMX/Freestyle video titled: "Dorkin' In York". This was the first rider-produced video which would lead a revolution of independent, do-it-yourself BMX videos. Over the course of Mark's 23yrs+ production career, he has produced / directed countless BMX videos, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and tv series' such as the "Dave Mirra BMX Super Tour" TV Series for ESPN. Mark has been regarded by many in the bicycle industry as a pioneer of the BMX/Freestyle video, and is still known throughout the industry as a top action sports cameraman & DP. Combining the action of a sports video, with the visual style & creativity of a music video, Mark developed a signature style that people outside of the bicycle industry began to take notice to. Soon, commercials & videos for products unrelated to bikes began appearing on Mark's reel, but that hasn't changed his feeling toward the BMX genre': "Whether I'm cruising around on rollerblades, filming a pack of BMXers through the streets of LA, or directing a corporate image video, it's all about creating something unique, and I look forward to applying my creativity & years of experience to deliver our clients the best solutions for their budgets".

Gerry Creighton

Gerry Creighton

Director: Mobile / Web / Interactive Development

A creative Flash Developer who is passionate about all things interactive. Gerry is a developer who is always thinking "what's next?" while trying to perfect what is now. With 13 years of experience and having worked for companies like Comcast Interactive Media, Lockheed Martin and Disc Makers, Gerry has had exposure to all levels of business and brings that experience to Bang! Pictures to develop web sites and applications or "apps" for just about any type of devices.

Our Services

Get rid of your old conceptions of how a corporate video should look.

Stand out with new video content from Bang Pictures. In business for nearly 20 years, Bang! has produced hundreds of projects including:

  • Creative and brand strategy
  • Documentary style shows
  • Commercials
  • Marketing videos
  • Camera Crews
  • Web videos
  • Training videos
  • Sales videos
  • Event video production
  • Interviews and testimonials
  • Trade show video production
  • Videos for Powerpoint presentations
  • Fundraising/sponsorship videos for non-profits
  • Healthcare video production
  • Voiceovers
  • Motion graphics
  • Viral Videos
  • Mobile apps
  • Emerging media content


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